Oswego County Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs
Incorporated 1947

P.O. Box 135
Lycoming, NY 13093

The Voice of The Oswego County Sportsmen
Representing 22 Sportsmen's Clubs with over 4,500 members

Next Meeting August 7th 

Thursday, 7:00pm

Albion Fish and Game
Pineville, N Y

Route 13 approximately 3 miles east of Pulaski
(on left)

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Strengthening America’s Hunting Heritage and Wildlife Conservation
in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities

 to the founding principles of the modern conservation movement (starting in the late 1800's) called the 
"North American Model for Wildlife Conservation"

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Last Update 7-24-2014

Thanks to All That Supported our Booth at the Oswego County Fair

The sportsmen presence in the building included the Federation, Mad River Club promoting their Archery Shoot, the Oswego County Trappers, the Annie Jardin Group, and the National Wild Turkey Federation which also provided the Daisy B B Bun Shooting Booth.  With the exception of the Federation all sold raffle tickets ( the Federation did help a little with the selling of tickets for these groups and the Cross Bow Coalition )

This years upgraded Fish Tank was well received and the ability to disseminate useful information when asked was also appreciated.  The leading questions were where can I find a Hunter Ed Course and what is happening with the Crossbow.

We promoted a get out the vote initiative.

THANKS to Fish Wish Taxidermy as Maggie's art work promoted some interesting conversations

Thanks to Rob and Kathy Worden of Paw Power Pet Supply in Mexico NY for providing the crickets that the the fish feasted on. 

Thanks to Hal Smith and Dave Petrie's Daughter for supplying the Fish.

Still finding that seven our of 10 "sportsmen" do not belong to a sportsmen's club.   


Is now a Legal Hunting implement in New York
The Crossbow can be used in all small game and any big game season that includes firearms. We will also have crossbow use in the last 14 days of the Southern Zone and the last 10 days of the Northern Zone early archery seasons. In addition, the archery set back is changed to 150' for archery and 250' for crossbows. Unfortunately, Suffolk and Westchester counties are once again eliminated from the crossbow inclusion.   

DEC Guidelines for Hunters
Dec Regulation must be adopted before the Crossbow can be used in any season

Again thanks to all that made this major initial step happen!


   DEC Press Releases

Advanced Strategies and Adventures
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DEC Announces settlement for Natural Resource Damages 
at Aluminum Plant in Oswego County
When is something going to happen??? 6-1-11


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Those that stand against us will never be able to take the outdoor sports we value so highly away from us.  It will be those among us who do not speak up and defend what we have that give it away first!
 - C Parker
Only by working together can we have much influence over the future of our collective sports. – G Gibbs


  • To encourage, promote and defend hunting, fishing, trapping and timber management as sound conservation practices to ensure the preservation, propagation and protection of Fish, Game, Wildlife, Forests and Habitat on private as well as public lands and waters.
  • To procure enactment of laws to protect wildlife and forests and to promote observance of such laws.
  • To foster public support in favor of protection of game and forests.
  • To promote good relations between landowners and sportsmen.
  • To defend the right of legal firearms ownership to include but not be limited to self defense, shooting sports, hunting and collecting

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